Receiver Yamaha RX-V1300

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Prodam rabljen receiver črne barve. Deluje normalno, samo original daljinec ne deluje pa je priložen drugi od Yamahe ki je kompatibilen.

The RX-V1300 is a full-featured home theater receiver ready for all formats and for custom installation. Major features include 6-channel discrete amplification (100W x6), Yamaha's Digital ToP-ART design concept, Quad-Field CINEMA DSP, 25 surround program, SILENT CINEMA, and learning-capable/present remote control. It delivers high power to six channels and provides DTS ES, Neo 6 and DTS ES Matrix 6.1 decoding as well as Dolby Digital 6.1 and Dolby Pro Logic II decoding.

DIGITAL ToP-ART: Digital ToP-ART (Total Purity Audio Reproduction Technology) is the name Yamaha has given to a design philosophy whose goal is to maximize signal purity.

ADVANCED DECODING CIRCUITRY: Yamaha's exclusive YSS-938 32-bit floating point quantization LSI. The decoding circuitry performs Dolby Pro Logic II, Dolby Digital Surround, DTS-ES (DTS-ES Matrix 6.1 and DTS-ES Discrete 6.1), and DTS Neo:6 decoding with extreme accuracy.

192kHz/24-BIT DIGITAL-TO-ANALOG CONVERTER SYSTEM: The RX-V1300's vitally important digital-to-analog converters use an extremely high performance 192kHz/24-bit operation type. They perform accurate sound field reproduction for high quality multichannel sources, and for two-channel stereo, provide outstanding separation and precise musical delineation.

DISCRETE POWER TRANSISTORS: Discrete power transistors rather than IC chips are used in the amplifier section to provide the cleanest sound possible. The amp delivers 100 watts each to six channels.

25 DIFFERENT SOUND PROGRAMS YIELDING 45 VARIATIONS: Yamaha's exclusive Tri-Field Cinema DSP imaging for video sound and Digital Sound Field Processing for music delivers the most realistic and dramatic sound possible. The RX-V1300 features 25 different sound programs that provide a total of 45 variations, so every movie and every piece of music will sound right in your home theater.

EXTENDED I/R CODES: The unit responds to extended I/R codes.

PROCESSOR DIRECT SWITCHING: The RX-V1300 has a Processor Direct Switch that provides a direct signal connection between the processor board and the power amplifier section. This shortens the signal path, feeding the pure, robust signal directly to the out put for cleaner, more efficient operation and higher quality sound.

DOLBY SURROUND PRO LOGIC II: This new Dolby format provides 5.1-channel surround from any stereo source.

ALL-CHANNEL STEREO DSP: Great for casual listening and parties, Yamaha's 6-channel stereo DSP puts music through all speakers in the system and maintains stereo imaging.

QUAD-FIELD AND TRI-FIELD CINEMA DSP: Tri-Field CINEMA DSP projects three sound fields into the home theater: a Presence sound field in the front and two Surround sound fields in the left rear and right rear, resulting in a powerfully realistic three-dimensional soundscape.

SILENT CINEMA: Building on technology incorporated into its world famous "silent" musical instruments, Yamaha has added HRTF and "Virtual" technology to create a realistic surround movie effect using standard, two-channel headphones.

EXTENSIVE INPUTS AND OUTPUTS: In addition to the wide range of inputs and outputs provided on previous Yamaha receivers, the RX-V1300 also includes a Video Conversion connection (S-Video to Composite, Monitor Out).

96 kHz/24-BIT COMPATIBLE: The RX-V1300 is compatible with the 96 kHz/24-bit format of DVD-Audio and will deliver that format in the finest way possible.

CUSTOM INSTALLATION COMPATIBILITY: As befits a high performance home theater receiver, the RX-V1300 is designed to be suitable for use in custom installations. It has a Zone 2 Selector so the audio signal can be output in a second room.

SEVEN DIGITAL INPUTS, TWO DIGITAL OUTPUTS: With seven digital inputs, six fully assignable digital inputs (4 optical and 2 coaxial), the RX-V1300 can accommodate digital sources such as DVD, CD, LC, Cable/Sat, D-TV and MD. Two optical digital outputs assure the finest possible signal leaving the receiver for your other components.

REMOTE CONTROL I/O PORTS: For remote control of other components.

S-VIDEO AND COMPONENT VIDEO INPUTS AND OUTPUTS: The RX-V1300 has six S-video inputs and two S-video outputs. The receiver incorporates two component video inputs.

FRONT PANEL A/V INPUTS WITH OPTICAL INPUT: For simple temporary connection, the receiver is equipped with a set of front panel A/V inputs, including a digital input and S-Video Terminals.

SPEAKER A/B SWITCHING: For convenience and versatility, the receiver can switch back and forth between two sets of speakers at the touch of a button.

PRE-OUTS FOR ALL CHANNELS INCLUDING SUBWOOFER: All channels and the subwoofer have pre-out connections. This allows you to add outboard amplification and direct subwoofer connection.

LOW IMPEDANCE DRIVE CAPABILITY AND IMPEDANCE SWITCHING: Yamaha's famed low impedance drive circuitry is included in this receiver so that it can handle virtually all loads and a wide variety of speakers. For further speaker matching, the amplifier can set for either 4-or 8-ohm speakers.

LINEAR DAMPING FACTOR CIRCUIT: The advantage of full range, 20 to 20,000 Hz, damping is that it improves the definition and resolution of the sound output throughout the audible frequency range.

EXTENSION CONTROL: Turn the bass extension switch on to provide +6dB boost to the main speakers' low end centered at 60Hz.

A/B SPEAKER SELECTOR: Allows selection of either a first set of speakers main speaker or a second -- or both.

SLEEP TIMER: Permits a delayed receiver turn off. You can set it for up to two hours in 30 minute increments.

40-STATION DIRECT ACCESS PRESET TUNING: Up to 40 preset AM and FM stations can be grouped in five groups eight stations. These groupings make it easy for family members to easily access their favorite stations or to have musical genres, such as all the jazz stations, grouped together.

BINDING POST SPEAKER TERMINALS: Yamaha's heavy-duty binding post speaker terminals accept banana plugs, spade connectors, and a variety of speaker wire, including heavy gauge cable.


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