Kazahstan, kazahstanska glasbena dediščina 2*CD, 1DVD

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Vrsta ponudbe: Prodam
Lokacija: Osrednjeslovenska, Ljubljana Šiška, Šentvid
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kazahstanska melodija s tradicionalnimi glasbenimi instrumenti (Asatayak, Dabyl, Dombra, Dangyra, Zhetygen, Kobyz, Muiz Syrnai, Sybyzgy, Uran, Shankobyz, Sherter)

2original CD ja in 1 DVD, v lični embalaži, z obsežno knjižico s podrobnimi informacijami glede glasbe, slikami, seznami pesm. Zbirka najboljših del tradicionalnih kompozerjev pesti. dela, ki so tu predstavljena, so izvedena s strani najbolj talentiranih in častitljivih glasbenikov, pevcev.

povsem novo, zapakirano, nerabljeno.

Glasba je bila izbrana s strani državnega centralnega arhiva Republike Kazahstan iz zasebne zbirke v skladu s pogodbami. Gre za najbolj mističen, profesionalen žanr kazahstanske tradicionalne glasbe. Žanr opisujejo kot minimalno instrumentalno delo. Gre za sofisticirano strukturo testna in melodije. Stanje duha. Etno glasbeni žanr. Zbirka je izrazit kulturni dogodek, ki vsebuje »kuis« pesmi igrane z starodavnim instrumentom. Mojstrovina je izvedena s strani Kazahstanskih »kui« iz Kazahstana, Kitajske, Mongolije.

tel: 051 677 845

Kazakh Musical Culture
The Kazakh national legend about celestial, supernatural origin of music and singing dates back to the time immemorial. It tells that once upon a time a divine song while soaring high in the sky flew above the great steppe of Kazak nomads and descended to the earth very low, and therefore the nation that heard it is endowed with great musical gift and abilities by nature. People also say: «The God bestowed a particle of /с/шon the soul of each Kazak from the moment of his birth». It is no mere chance that foreigners who observed the way of life of Kazaks in the 18th-19th centuries were amazed and delighted to note an eye-striking ability of people to creative work, impetuous musical and poetical improvisation and involvement of all population, from infants to elderly people, in musical creation.
In the traditional Kazak society, each sex and age group had its own set of musical instruments and genres, repertoire and performing forms characteristic of that particular group only. Children enjoyed playing the wind-instruments made of clay, such as saz syrnai, tastauke, uskirike, which, whenever a master or even a child played, brought to mind the images of animals, birds, fish, many-headed horses of whimsical forms vividly painted and covered with sparkling glaze. Through rendering children’s songs and playing musical games, listening to mother’s lullaby and adult men’s sermon songs (the so-called osiyet oleng), kids got acquainted with the world around them and gradually learnt to become full members of their socio-cultural community. Further independent life gave a new artistic knowledge and experience through participation in young peoples games and entertainment, where music was indispensably involved - kaim-aitys, tartys, and dialogic singing of everyday songs called kara oleng. Repertoire of «young years» was added to by love lyrics and various songs and rituals of a colourful Kazak wedding with bride’s sorrowful parting lamentations and a cheerful youth song of zhar-zhar, a signal beat of percussion instruments - dabyl, dauylpaza, or shyndauyl during hunting of wild beasts or in the war time. In this respect «maturity», implying steadiness and experience, was required for achievement in great state and public affairs, defence of clan interests in an inter-clan song and poetic competition called aitys, performance of ritual holidays and ceremonies as zharshy -organiser and performer of a ritual. While «old age» and «wisdom» were accompanied by musical and poetic precepts to the younger generation, singing of philosophic songs-meditations about meaning of life, youth which had gone never to return, about that honeyed time when one was only twenty five and which passed so quickly. That was the way of the eternal musical and life circle round a Kazak nomad since the ancient times, invariably reproduced each and every year, from generation to generation, thus ensuring smooth functioning of various musical traditions of the people and prompting the great poet Abai to write his famous verse:

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