Johnson Millennium JM150 2x12 stereo combo

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Imam celo 2 za prodajo
brez zvočnikov 299€
z 2x12 WGS + 150€
z J12 foot controller +150€

Millennium JM150 The Johnson Millennium is the world's first Tube Integrated Modeling Amplifier. The Millennium can easily emulate the most sought-after vintage and modern guitar amps in the world. If you are in need of effects processing, the JM150's full function signal processing section lets you add up to 4 studio quality effects with total control over all parameters. Powered by 150 watts through 2 Celestion Vintage 30 loudspeakers (Available WGS Reaper 30, HM-75, ET-65, all 8Ohms as well).
All decisively livelier and more dynamic than Celestion Vintage 30,
Had 6x pieces V30 UK 1998, sold them immediately when I heard WGS,
you can be guaranteed that you will be heard. the JM150 is also the winner of the prestigious 1998 Music and Sound Retailer Award for best new guitar amplifier as well as being nominated for a TEC Award for pushing the limits in amplifier technology.
Amp emulations include: American Stack: Dual Rectifier™, Boogie MK II™, Soldano SLO™, American Combo: '65 Black Face Twin™, Boogie MKII™, Matchless DC30™, Dual Rectifier™, Trem-O-Verb™, British Stack: Hot Rod Marshall®, Marshall JCM 800®, British Combo: '63 Vox AC 30 Top Boost®, Marshall JCM 800® and Johnson Custom.
Dual preamp design
• Two 12AX7 tubes
• 150-watt stereo power amp section
• True amplifier and effects morphing
• Up to 4 studio quality effects at once
• Full MIDI implementation
• Chromatic tuner
• S-DISC II processing power
• Line Level speaker compensated XLR outputs
• J-3 Multi-function footswitch included
• Optional J12 foot controller (+150€) Digitech
Without speakers 299€, with 2x12 WGS speakers + 150€

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