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Vrsta ponudbe: Prodam
Lokacija: Podravska, Benedikt, Benedikt
Stanje: rabljeno


Prodam malo rabljen projektor optoma hd65, original filmski format za domači kino - slika original 16:9!
Projektor oziroma žarnica ima porabljenih samo 1411 ur, od 3500ur, torej še jih ima 2089 ur, kar pomeni da če gledate vsak dan 2 uri, še bo žarnica zdržala cirka 3 leta!

specifikacije optoma hd65:
Solid brightness with 1600 lumens and a 4000:1 contrast ratio (with ImageAI )
• Native 720p High-Definition resolution with 16:9 aspect ratio
• Light and color processing technologies for remarkable picture quality and contrast levels
• Sleek and diminutive form factor at 4 pounds with extensive connectivity options
• Display Technology: 0.62" DarkChip2 DLP Technology by Texas Instruments
• Resolution: Native 720p (1280 x 720) Maximum Resolution: 1080p (1920 x 1080) Brightness: 1600 Lumens

The Optoma HD65 is a 720p home theater projector that brings accessibility to High-Definition, big-screen video content. At 1600 lumens and the latest color processing technologies, the HD65 delivers subtle and incredible image quality and contrast. With a variety of connectivity options, including HDMI v.1.3, the Optoma HD65 reproduces the realism that High-Definition offers.

Up To Twice the Colors with Multimedia Processing
DLP Projectors with BrilliantColor technology feature multi-color processing to produce stunning, vibrant colors on the screen. Unlike other technologies which use just 3 primary colors to produce the image, DLP Technology with BrilliantColor uses up to six separate colors.

HD65 Feature Highlights:
Filter Free Design: The HD65’s DLP engine operates without filters, keeping ownership and maintenance costs low while ensuring consistent performance throughout the projector’s life. Dirty filters can significantly impact lamp life causing early failure. Heat is the #1 cause of lamp failure (Pro AV magazine). Wide range of connectivity: The HD65 has a wide range of connectivity options: two VGA-in, VGA-out, s-video, composite video, RCA audio-in, audio-out, RS-232 and USB. This extensive connectivity offers the flexibility you need in the classroom, boardroom and living room. Even enjoy home entertainment applications with the HD65 – view the latest movies, play video games or watch home movies with friends and family. Sub-1 watt standby mode: The HD65’s advanced power-conserving green technology uses less than 1 watt of power during standby mode. Power consumption is rated at 230 watts in bright mode, providing energy savings compared to similar projectors.

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