Zračnica za električno kolo GAADI

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Lokacija: Osrednjeslovenska, Ljubljana Šiška, Šiška
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The concept: From one comes two.
You’re bound to get a flat tyre just you don’t need one. Even we’ve been through it – a flat tyre got in our way during a family bike ride, and we didn’t have the necessary tools with us to fix it. During the days after, we asked ourselves over and over again if there wasn’t any other way to change a bicycle tube, without also having to change the wheel. And now the possibility is here! After a yearlong process of trying, testing and finally manufacturing a prototype, we developed the GAADI bicycle tube with two ends. It is extremely practical for e-bikes and roadsters, for example, but it can also save the day if you’re riding mountain bikes.

The GAADI bicycle tube is made from a high-quality rubber compound and has two ends.

It is available in various wheel sizes: 20, 24, 26, 27.5 and 28 inches. It can be supplied with either a Dunlop (DV), Schrader- (SV) or Presta (FV) valves.

The GAADI bicycle tube, like most conventional tubes, is made from butyl and as such its weight when empty is the same as that of a standard tube. The valve is placed in the first third of the tube in order to make it easier to insert into the casing.

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