Kowalski, št. 39, noro dobro narejeni čevlji

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Vrsta ponudbe: Prodam
Lokacija: Osrednjeslovenska, Ljubljana, Center
Barva: rjava
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Kowalski, št. 39, noro dobro narejeni čevlji.

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There are shoes and there are Shoes. Spanish shoe design has always been at the top of the list and this brand is no exception. Kowalski brings in a whole new idea into the industry with bold design and unexpected details. They are famous for their design and their quality materials, often leather but just as often textile. Endless variations, fresh colours and a comfortable base is a summary of what Kowalski offers to fashion people of all kinds. A Kowalski shoe is the choice to make if you appreciate quality and courageous design.

Kowalski shoes- a trendy part of Spain
As we have already mentioned above, Kowalski is Spanish and since it was founded in 1990 this family business has spread rapidly and has now got fans and wearers all over the world. Spain is famous for their fantastic leather shoes and therefore it is not a big surprise that these shoes became a success. Kowalski designs a large variety of models and from this brand you may find sneakers and boots as well as high heels and summery sandals.

Kowalski shoes – a long term relationship
When you decide to get a pair of Kowalski shoes it´s sort of like getting a new friend or partner. No really, let us explain! You will bring them to parties and other activities and you will probably want to have them with you all the time. This is all good, since they work just as well with jeans and a t-shirt as they do with your weekend outfit. You will love them dearly and the material they are made of means that they will require some gentle love and care. Leather is a breathing material and it shapes well to your foot. To make it last and remain shiny and soft you need to use leather grease or other suitable products.

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Lokacija oglasa Kowalski, št. 39, noro dobro narejeni čevlji
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