Kaon KVR-1000 DAB Digitalni multimedijski snemalnik

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Lokacija: Osrednjeslovenska, Ljubljana Bežigrad, Zupančičeva jama
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Vec info: http://www.sat-receiver-world.com/producer/kaon/kaon-kvr-1000-dab-pvr-ready.html

The KVR 1000 has a flat appearance. The front panel is very reflective. There are two CI slots for use with various CA modules for pay TV acception. In the middle is a large opening with a portable hard drive. There is also a USB connection for the transfer of MP3 files, pictures, data and video files between the KVR 1000 and your PC. There is a five LED’s to show the status of the sensor, standby, signal lock, hard drive and remote control functions. The display shows the current channel, status of external camera, NTSC/PAL, recording functions, audio mode and the time.

The rear panel of KVR 1000 is very attractive. There are two IF inputs, two scart jacks for TV and VCR connection, a serial interface to upload new receiver software, a UHF modulator output and analogue stereo audio outputs on a set of three RCA jacks. There are also two analogue inputs for video and stereo audio for connection of webcam or security camera. It has the best audio quality. There is also S-VHS output. There is even an Ethernet Jack for connection to a network. There is also a programmable 0/12 volts on the KVR 1000.

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