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Freeloader Pro - Professional Solar Charger

This professional grade solar charger can charge virtually every electrical appliance and is the perfect accessory for the likes of adventure explorers, journalists, photographers or people in the defence forces.

It comes with a unique power cradle called a Camcaddy which can charge any camera battery from compact digital cameras to professional single lens reflex camera (SLR) and even video camera batteries. See more information on the Camcaddy.

When fully charged the integrated high power solar panel on the Freeloader Pro is capableProfessional-Solar-Chargerof delivering enough power to give a mobile phone 70 hours of standby, 5,000 page turns on an E-book and a 100% charge on a digital camera battery.

The Freeloader Pro with charge fully in sunny conditions within 7 to 9 hours and it can also be charged quickly through the included USB power cable.

The Pro also has as a built in voltage switch allowing you to charge power hungry 9.5 volt devices such as MP4 players, SLR batteries and portable DVD players.

It comes with 10 different tap adaptors and it has a metallic push button "Power Halo" which indicates how much power it has. The Freeloader Pro is made from a tough aluminium with a stylish black finish.
What Tip Adapters Come with the Freeloader Pro?

1: Mini USB - Works with Smartphone, Blackberry, Motorala, Imate Etc Freeloader-Pro

2: Micro USB - Works with Nokia, Blackberry, Motorala (the new standard phone adaptor)

3: 4mm Straight Jack - Works with PSP, Ebook, Tomtom, etc

4: Nokia 3.5mm Straight Jack

5: Nokia 2mm Straight Jack

6: Sony Ericsson - Wide Adaptor

7: LG - Works with Prada, Chocolate etc

8: DS - DS Lite

9: Samsung - G600 series adaptor

10: USB Socket in built to allow connection from devices with their own USB charge cable - e.g. Apple products
Freeloader Pro and Cam Caddy Technical Details
Freeloader Professional Dimensions 130mm x 63mm x 20mm
Freeloader ProWeight (Unpacked) 174g
Freeloader Pro Solar Cells 200mA Premium Quality Crystalline
Freeloader Battery 1600Ah Environmentally Friendly Li-on
Freeloader Battery Charge Time USB Charge 3 Hours
Solar Charge 7-9 Hours
Camcaddy Dimensions 130mm x 71mm x 30mm
Camcaddy Weight (Unpacked) 68g
Camcaddy Max Operating Voltage 9.5V
Camcaddy Maximum Battery Depth 67mm


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